I am a self-proclaimed geek who happened to have the luck to find a job on the trading floor, and I have an ambition: to pass both Canadian Securities Course (CSC) and complete Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 1 and 2 before the two-year anniversary of my job. Along side this, I will need to finish my incomplete task of becoming an Associate Member of the Society of Actuaries, with no definite timelines.

This is my timeline so far:

March 2010 – Signed up CFA Level 1 Exam/Purchased CSC study materials

June 2010 – Signed up CSC Level 1 Exam

July 2010 – Passed CSC Level 1 Exam

December 2010 – Written CFA Level 1

January 2011 – Passed CFA Level 1/Signed up for CFA Level 2

February 2011 – Written and passed CSC Level 2

And here is what I expect would happen:

June 2011 – Write CFA Level 2

I will share my thoughts on the market, the job and my learning path here.

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